Test Intermediate - Advanced

Prosimy o uzupełnienie wszystkich pól poniższego formularza

1. Simon very tall.

2. Mary 20 years old.

3. How does one lesson cost ?

4. I agree with you.

5. She is very pretty, she ?

6. Jerry can't volleyball. He's broken his leg.

7. Who plays the piano ?

8. I'm quite good painting.

9. I trouble with my car at the moment.

10. He born in Spain.

11. boys stole the money.

12. I never do homework.

13. I the film we saw at the cinema.

14. My sister never been to Greece.

15. If I were rich, I buy a big house.

16. My brother is in hospital because he's broken his leg.

17. When this lesson , I' m going home.

18. She is very excited because she university next month.

19. Have you ever been England ?

20. I the Internet when my computer crashed.

21. When George arrived at the party, Anna .

22. Open the window,

23. The television is too loud. Turn it , please.

24. If I holiday to England, I wouldn't have met Dominika.

25. I always go to bed early in not to be tired the next day.

26. There were very people at Jim's birthday party last Friday.

27.He can't give you a lift to the station because his car repaired.

28. He told me that he help me with my homework, but in the end I had to do it myself.

29. I don't believe you. You 're making it !

30. I wish I play tennis.

31.They us not to go there as it might be dangerous.

32. Pamela's been talking about me behind my again.

33.Simon was offered the post having poor qualifications.

34. If only I to the disco instead of staying at home.

35.My doctor told me to take jogging.

36. Not only to Oxford but she also visited many other places in England.

37. He eventually managed the door by pushing it hard.

38. We need the car repaired.

39. There's no point staying up late if you have an exam tomorrow.

40. She isn't to reach the shelf.

41. Jodie her car keys.

42. Don't forget, you the test until the teacher tells you to.

43. The bandits are thought in the caves.

44. I quickly at my watch before opening the examination paper.

45. She into the room very quietly so that nobody would hear her.

46. My father made me wash his car on Sunday morning.

my father's car on Sunday morning.

47. It' getting late, so we should go home.

It's getting late, so

48. I regret telling you about it.

you about it.

49. The food in this restaurant is much better than the food in the other restaurant.

The food in the other restaurant
as the food in this restaurant.

50. I've never written such an easy test.

This is
I've ever written.