Test Elementary - Intermediate

Prosimy o uzupełnienie wszystkich pól poniższego formularza

1. What family name?

2. you a student?

3. When are the English lessons? We meet Monday and Wednesday.

4. I don't with my parents. I have a flat in the city.

5. I don't have money.

6. Tom 20 years old.

7. I go to work car.

8. Mozart music when he was five.

9. My bag is than yours.

10. Can you help me with the dinner? Not now. I TV.

11. Where on holiday last summer?

12.A ticket to Warsaw, please. Single or ?

13. My sister likes photos.

14. you like a drink ?

15. Are these pens the same yours?

16. Do you like Mexican food ? I don’t know. I it.

17. Drinking coffee helps me to wake up in the morning.

18. It's getting late. I must go home.

19. What are you going to do you finish University?

20. As child I was very healthy. I many colds.

21. Janet is crazy surfing the Internet.

22. If I knew the answer I tell you.

23. I borrowed some money my parents.

24. Anna's dress is very similar mine.

25. It was the first time I

26. I prefer the cinema the theatre.

27. Susan offered to her friend up overnight.

28. Mark isn't at school. He to the doctor's.

29. I can't help when I watch the Love Story film.

30. I wish I learnig English when I was younger.