Test Elementary - Intermediate

Prosimy o uzupełnienie wszystkich pól poniższego formularza

1. I from Poland.

2. She computers.

3. do you work?

4. He finishes work five o'clock.

5. She is engineer.

6. Can you swim? No, I .

7. are six flats in the block.

8. What is Tom at the moment.

9. Lucy at home last night.

10. Peter a new TV yesterday.

11. The Browns have three .

12.I like to music.

13. Doctors and nurses work in a .

14. There is a restaurant he corner of Dabrowski Street and Racławicka Street.

15. Are you studying English?

16. Tom's birthday is 12 August.

17. Sandra left school when she 16.

18. How tea do you drink?

19. Mike is than Carol.

20. I've never to India.

21. I'll give you a ring when I home.

22. I learning English when I was six years old.

23. My brother come to visit me yet.

24. How about the internediate group?

25. Do you if I phone you back later ?

26. Peter was to hospital because he had a heart attack..

27. I'm thinking of a new car.

28. My cousin lives next door to Daniel Radcliffe. he? Wow !

29. We met a girl fatherwas an actor.

30. That's the end of test.